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One Last Look at Home... ( dedicated to my daughter who is going off to grad school in the fall )

One Last Look at Home. I made a cinemagraph from some video shot for a photo community (StyleIT) on G+. This image is part of a series called "The road to...". The accompanying song is The Road to Perdition from the Sountrack by Thomas Newman.
The story I am trying to evoke is this. While you gaze at the animated gif, I wanted the feeling of either a young girl leaving home for the 1st time. She is getting "one last look" because after she leaves - everything will be different. In the movie Road To Perdition, the song was used every time there was a reunion of a child returning home ~ the feeling of a prodigal returning can also be used here ~ is she returning and not knowing how to approach..and she is looking on and wondering if anyone will come out and meet her?..... The song ROAD TO PERDITION by Thomas Newman is one of the most gorgeous soundtracks (film by the same name) and this song in particular evokes the most bittersweet, poignant feeling I have ever heard - it was so perfect for the final scene in the movie.